AeroBuddies, Inc programs are structured to provide a broad based foundation focusing on user needs. The programs are targeted at kids aged 3-15 years (Aero Summer School), 16-17 years (Aero Citizens Camp), SHS graduates, undergraduates, graduates and working professionals who want to improve their knowledge of aviation and enhance their business output.

AeroBuddies Virtual Pilot Program

This program creates a suitable developmental foundation for our future aviators. The program consists of structured, self guided training lessons that do not rely directly on an instructor or mentor so virtual pilots can learn at their own pace and in a comfortable environment. Programs are taught through a flexible combination of familiarisation lessons, tutorials and teamwork. Our emphasis on practical hands on based participation ensures that our participants always get closer to achieving their dreams. There will be PC flight simulator sessions and assessment by our team of front-line liaison pilots. Participants upon a successful completion of the program will be issued an Aerobuddies Virtual Pilot Licence. Holders of AeroBuddies Virtual Pilot License automatically qualify for the Good News Pilot Program.

AeroBuddies Mentor Program

AeroBuddies Mentor Program partners you with one of our experienced aviation mavens to give you the essential exposure to the aviation industry, enhancing your knowledge and giving you a first hand understanding of the must knows of the industry .AeroBuddies Mentor Program enables mentees to:

Discover their innate talents to help them choose and plan a fulfilling career.

Be mentored to acquire critical performance skills and corporate behaviour to secure that dream job.

Be groomed for that dream job interview.

There are some great people in our team willing to help you when in need. Just ask or draw our attention and a person with a particular skill will respond to you in a most friendly manner. All mentees and mentors must be members of AeroBuddies, Inc.

We are looking for both interested mentees and mentors. Please click here to register.

High School Aviation Camp

Unforgettable aviation memories and new friends await junior and senior high school aged students every summer with AeroBuddies, Inc’s week long camps designed to introduce young people to the aviation world. Join us every summer for Ghana most exciting youth summer camp. Our camp is designed to blend the joy of flying with the core STEM subject areas that are encountered in flight. Your child will learn about weather, aerodynamics, airplane systems, computing cross country, flight plans and radio communication. Each day of camp will include ground instruction, flight instruction and an aviation themed activity. All participants will receive an AeroBuddies, Inc branded T-shirt and a pilot logbook. Private instruction is available after camp each day from 2:00 PM to 5:00PM on weekdays and 1:00 PM to 5:00PM on Saturdays. To find out how to partner with us to implement a program in your school or organisation contact our partnership team at

Aero Summer School

Our partners, Kilo Alpha Aviation Holdings (KAAH) initiated in 2012 an exciting aviation holiday programme for kids and teens: Aero Summer School and Teens Summit. The objective of this programme is to expose and stimulate the interest of kids and teens to the amazing world of aviation, its skills, diverse careers and work ethics using fun learning and participatory methods. Endorsed by the Ministry Of Education, Aero Summer School and Teens Summit have gained enormous excited participation by its target since inception.